David Tutera blogs about Bringing Motown to Life for Sashani on WeTV.com

My Fair Wedding host David Tutera blogs on WeTV.com about his experience with Sashani on My Fair Wedding. Here is what the amazing David had to say on his WeTV.com blog.

Sashani was the kind of person that didn’t have to say a single solitary word and you knew exactly what she was feeling. She had such an inner sense of peace that it was contagious and just had a sparkle in her eye. Her father was a pastor and you could tell there was a sense of importance and faith with her family. She was also the one bride who went to grab my hand during the day, while I’m usually the one to do grab my bride’s hand–which she didn’t even realize she was doing. She was so comfortable, and I loved that. I felt honored to be in the presence of this couple. Every bride says, “David, I trust you, I trust you,” and though she didn’t even say that, I knew she had complete faith in me. I think perhaps because she had such deep faith in her own life, that she had such deep faith in the people around her, which included me even for the short time I was there. And it was as if this feeling spread… it spread to all of our vendors, and to everyone involved in the wedding. This was actually great example of what I tell my brides who plan their own wedding. Because when you do your own wedding, you hire people that you have faith in. When you have faith in the vendors that you have contracted, those vendors will move mountains to make sure your wedding is beautiful for you. But if you micromanage your vendors, even your wedding planner sometimes too, they’ll shut down and only execute the bare minimum they agreed to… And so we went above and beyond for Sashani’s wedding. We literally brought Motown to life at the Roosevelt Hotel with every aspect from fashion, to music, to the visuals, to the venue.

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Here are some behind the scenes photos from the show and wedding.

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