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14 Sep 2013

5 Tips to taking better looking photos

Have you ever tried to take your own photos and wondered why you don’t look as amazing as you do in real life? You then hand your friend the camera hoping they can take a better angle. “Say cheese,” they snap away. Pleased with the result of their handiwork, they turn the camera viewfinder to show you the great job they have done at capturing your pure essence. You take one look and gasp. The old saying the camera takes […]

09 Sep 2013

Beauty Tip Organic Argan Oil

I have severely sensitive skin and have a hard time with most over the counter beauty products and makeup without being left with some sort of adverse reaction. I thought something was wrong with me until thoroughly researching products and ingredients and finding that many over the counter products were full of  scary harmful ingredients. My body simply rejected them. 🙂 Well thanks to my sensitive skin I have found some amazing products that actually work. One of which is […]

09 Sep 2013

David Tutera blogs about Bringing Motown to Life for Sashani on WeTV.com

My Fair Wedding host David Tutera blogs on WeTV.com about his experience with Sashani on My Fair Wedding. Here is what the amazing David had to say on his WeTV.com blog. Sashani was the kind of person that didn’t have to say a single solitary word and you knew exactly what she was feeling. She had such an inner sense of peace that it was contagious and just had a sparkle in her eye. Her father was a pastor and […]

09 Sep 2013

Sashani’s My Fair Wedding Motown Venue

David is so impressed with the venue for this ceremony that he predicts the Grammys will be calling to use it for their next show.

09 Sep 2013

Sashani and Jason’s Destination Wedding In LA featured for Tutera’s Tips

David knows some brides are afraid of the daunting task of planning a destination wedding but shares some hints on how to make it work like Sashani’s My Fair Motown Destination Wedding in LA.

08 Sep 2013

Hello world!

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